Saturday at long last

I had a pretty decent week, just didn’t do much.  I looked forward to getting off, and spending time with my dog, and talked to my wife.  She kind of likes it when I have time to spend with her.  I haven’t been reading as much as I should.  I get the New York Times delivered to my Kindle dx everyday, but most days I overlook reading the newspaper, it isn’t like I’ve got too much to do or anything but I just kind of overlook it.  One of my goals is to read 10,000 books, and the newspaper everyday.  I’m sitting at 150 books right now, but I’ll get there eventually.  Now I’m not spending all my time writing essays for school, I can write in my journal, and then read some.  When I was in afghanistan, I read one book almost everyday.  I didn’t have a whole lot going on, so it was very easy.  Now there are so many things I need to do, it’s hard to find the time to do everything.  I’m going to see “Salt” later today with my wife.  She wants to go on a date with me.  We’ve been saving money by not eating out, buying drinks out, and in general trying to save as much money as possible.  With the baby being born next month, we really don’t have any extra money.  It’s the babies money now.  I just pay the bills, and ask my wife what we ‘need’ to buy, not want we might want to buy.  Those times are long past.

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