Something New

I knew Facebook was good for something other than poking people. I’m not really one to stick with writing in journals, but reading entries back from ’96 got me fascinated. Anyway, this is just me testing this out. I’m starting college soon which is a bittersweet thing so maybe this will keep me sane when I’m not hitting the books. I’m not really fond of the idea of me going to college and starting the whole “adulthood” stage, but I try not thinking of it as that and just try and be clueless of the things I must live up to. I’m not going away for college which is already one of the thousands of regrets I know I am going to have running through my mind when I start school. I rather be safe then sorry though so I can’t complain yet. I am jobless at the moment which freaks me out because my parents are planning on moving to Florida pretty soon and they are already making a list of the things I have to pay. Again, just trying to stay oblivious of all this but not so much that I’m not prepared later on. I still have to keep moving up in life as they say. I live in New York and am going to school at Pace University in the city. Nothing spectacular, but the tuition payments makes it seem like it is. It seems like a pretty entertaining school though so I might as well make the best of it.

I guess I should hit the sack since it is 3:30 in the morning afterall and I hate waking up so late. See, I’m already loving this I don’t want to stop writing but we’ll see how long that feeling lasts. Goodnight.

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