Scott M / 14 July 2010

It’s so nice getting off work at noon. Since I’m on salary it doesn’t really matter how long I work each day, but only working for 4 hours in a day is incredibly nice. Now I can doing the errands with my wife, and still have time for the homework that’s due tonight. A little work, and a little statistics not bad for a colorado summer. I just got my semester bill for the fall, so at least that is going alright. My financial aid will take care of that expense. My wife is taking a shower right now, and we’ll go to LOWE’s later. We need to buy a mesh cloth to put on the balcony, our little dog likes to get through the bars, and run after other dogs in our neighborhood. I really don’t like that so much. My wife kind of freaks out when he doesn’t that, so we’re trying to keep that from happening. Ace, our dog, also barks continually when I’m gone, so we’re going to get something for that. I don’t really know if there is something that works to keep a dog from barking, but we have to try. Our baby, Joshua, is due at the end of August, and with Ace barking all day, that is going to keep the baby up. Luckily we have a little time yet. We’ll figure something out for that.

So far I’m the only one writing on the site, but maybe someone will come along soon, and start adding their own entries here. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. It’ll take some time I think. I finally figured out a system for people to write directly to the website, so maybe that will help. I’m advertising on Facebook now, so a few random people have come to the site at least.

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